Our Design Services

FF&E Design Services

  • Project Development including addressing the client's objectives, scope, timeline, and budget for the project
  • Schematic design providing conceptual design solutions
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) drafting allows us to coordinate our design with the architect on the project
  • Interpretation of brand prototype specifications for existing building layout in renovation and conversion projects
  • PIP/Prototype consultation and development
  • Development of custom design or implementation of prototypical design for new construction projects
  • Construction documentation producing detailed drawings and specifications
  • Submittal of complete design package to brand for approval
  • FF&E sourcing, value engineering, and budget development
  • Coordination with purchasing team through purchase and install
  • Collaboration with contractors and project managers through all phases of the project

Project Deliverables

  • Digital Color Boards
  • Complete specifications noting all technical information required for brand approval with a high level of detail to streamline the purchasing process
  • CAD generated floor plans, finish plans, and elevations
  • Matrices tagged to the ID plans showing quantities for all FF&E specified
  • Preliminary budgets